The Committees of the PSS serve our membership by working on various issues at a detail level according to their individual charges. Out of this work comes programs, conferences, and information that assists in your professional and personal development.

Each committee page lists the charge, the current Chair, current membership, and links to the latest minutes of their meetings.

For more information about joining one of the Committees, contact David Love at, or one of the committee chairs.

What PSS Committees Are Working On

The Sustainable Living Committee is preparing the 2016 Sustainability Fair, Recycling Events, Earth Day Bull Ride, working to end the use of polystrene in the Commons, sustainable commuter initiatives and Earth Day Celebrations.

PSS Committee Updates: End of Year Summary 2015

Committee Toolbox

The Committee Toolbox contains helpful templates and logos to help you create flyers, posters and communication materials for events sponsored by your committee. The Toolbox also contains samples of documents for meeting minutes, agendas, flyers and powerpoint presentations. The use of these documents presents a common look and feel—a “brand”—that reinforces the PSS message.

Feel free to email the PSS Marketing and Communications team for assistance or guidance with creating flyers or using any of these tools.

Last updated: 26 July 2016