Mentoring and UB Buddy Program

Charge: The PSS Mentoring committee was developed to assist members with career development and empowerment.  The goals of the committee are to:

  • Offer a formal and informal mentor/protégé program
  • Provide an online reference guide of university resources which can assist employees with professional development and streamlining of their work
  • Offer a buddy program for new hires coming into the university

Chair: Joe Mantione

Current Members: Laura Barnum, David Costello, Tracey Gawron, Anthony J. Guzman, Ann Marie Landel, Erin MacDiarmid, Candise Morris, Susan Ott, Susan Steck, Marianne Sullivan


Mentor and Protégé Program

Mentoring is an extremely beneficial career development tool that the University at Buffalo can leverage given your participation! Studies have shown that having a mentor is a top factor affecting an employee’s success, career satisfaction, and whether they stay with an organization. With your participation as either a mentor or a protégé, the University Buffalo can be stronger professionally.

The Professional Staff Senate Mentoring program involves a pairing of individuals for the purpose of skills/organizational development, project completion, community involvement, exploring issues such as interpersonal relationships, goal setting, or any other one-on-one assistance that is requested. Your time commitment for the program is dependent on your commitment to the program. There is an old saying “You get out of life what you put into it”.


If you’re interested in:

  • obtaining assistance with the challenges you face both personally and professionally
  • taking advantage of new opportunities and being introduced to the right people
  • receiving valued advice from an experienced UB professional

The mentoring committee is currently not accepting applications for new mentors.


If you’d like to:

  • share your expertise and working knowledge
  • provide a listening ear
  • share your perspective on what you have learned about UB
  • help a protégé with direction and advice
  • help expand an employee’s horizons
  • have a project you could use some assistance with
  • or wish to share your experiences with another professional

Then you have what it takes to be a mentor! Please review the guidelines which help make a sucessful mentor then complete the online application form or print the hard copy application. Individuals will be given training and tools to assist in being an effective mentor. You will be contacted by the PSS Mentoring Committee with the next steps.

Please contact PSS by email or at 645-2003 if you have any questions about the mentoring program.

Professional Resources Online Reference Guide

Mentoring: The Key That Unlocks Your Puzzles (PDF)

UB Buddy Program for University New Hires

Every year the University at Buffalo hires talented professionals to carry out the mission and vision of the university. The Professional Staff Senate is initiating a new program called UB Buddy. This program promotes a personalized experience for new employees who have been with the university less than a year by connecting with a buddy on an informal basis outside of the classroom and office. The program helps new employees adjust to working in the university environment by having a buddy share knowledge and work experiences in a friendly, informal way. New Employees are given individual time and attention as they buddy up with an experienced professional and learn about opportunities surrounding intellectual, social, cultural, and personal growth.

UB Buddy Chair: TBD

Current Members: Nancy Battaglia, Jennifer Berryman, Ann Marie Landel, Candy Morris, Susan Steck, Anne Marie Swartz, Cody Watson, and Kathleen Kielar

UB Places of Interests

The UB Buddy program offers UB campus interactive maps which depict places of interest for new employees.

North Campus

South Campus



Last updated: 01 November 2014