Staff Development and Services Committee

Charge: To recommend to the Executive Committee programs for the continuing development of professional staff in areas having to do with; a) skills or knowledge necessary in administrative/academic units; b) enhancement of interpersonal relationships, and c) programs which encourage career mobility.

Co-Chairs: Lynette DePonceau and Ed Brodka

Current Members: Amy Myszka, Ed Brodka, Caterina Berti, Caitlin Rioux, Elizabeth Colucci, Domenic Licatta, David Love, Denise McGuigan, Debbie Stamm, Geraldine Kremer, Heather Adsit, Jennifer Britton, Julie Phillips, Kristie Fields, Kelli Hennessy, Lynette DePonceau, Maribeth Tamsen, Michelle Riggio, Nick Titus, Susan Steck, Terry Patterson


Minutes: (All minutes are in PDF format. Download a free copy of Adobe Reader.)

Staff Development and Services Committee Meeting Minutes

2009 – 2010 Academic Year

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Last updated: 24 July 2016