2016 Activities

  • Commuter program
  • Offering encouragement to student groups working to replace polystyrene with sustainable materials in The Commons
  • Sustainable Living Fair 2016

Past Events

Sustainable Living Committee

Charge: The Sustainable Living Committee organizes the annual Sustainable Living Fair and provides continuing opportunities to learn about and practice sustainability.

Committee Members: David Hill, Mike Randall, Domenic Licata, John Kisker, Mary Dahl, Denise Wolfe, Sara Goodman, Pam Rose, Hugh Jarvis, Janiece Jankowski, Ray Kohl, Ann Marie Landel, Domenic Licata, Ed Brodka, Leslie McCain, Eric Comins, Donna Czaja, Al Gilewicz, Sara Goodman, Jim Gordon, James Lichtenthal, Michael Mcmanaman, Bethany Murray, Jim Simon, Eileen Sirianni, Christine Stumm, Don Erb

Co-Chairs: Janiece Jankowski, Don Erb



Last updated: 06 February 2016